What is Trenchless Technology?

The easiest way for us to explain what trenchless technology is would be to show you the three images you see shown. The first of the images shows a badly deteriorated pipe that is full of roots and missing sections of the pipe entirely. This is what a typical problematic pipe looks like.

The next two photos tell the story of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. A new pipe liner with better than original (in most cases) structural integrity is installed into the old hoist pipeline making virtually a new pipe inside of an old pipe. The pipe is bonded using a wet-out method where the liner is impregnated with epoxy resin. This resin bonds the new pipe to the old pipe walls. 

The small machine that handles the job is called an inverter (orang machine shown) this pressurizes the epoxy-impregnated liner and shoots it down the host pipe making a completely seamless, jointless repair. Most importantly this creates a sealed system.

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Equipment
Before Pipelining Root Layer
3D Pipelining Epoxy Layer
Before Trenchless Pipe Lining