Port Chester NY Receives CIPP Repair

Newly Repaired Sewer Pipe Line

Port Chester, NY; Apartment Complex; Homeowner has a cracked sewer line in the basement that needed replacing. Suggested lining, and replacing old trap and 12 foot of piping.  

Kitchen Sewer Line Repaired at JFK Airport in Jamaica, NY

Contractors Repairing Kitchen Sewer Line

JFK Airport – Jamaica. NY. A kitchen within the JFK Airport was having a drain line issue that needed to be remedied. There were a few sections with holes and cracks in it. This was a different job than the crew is used to; it was in a “cleanroom” and the techs had to wear […]

Cast Iron to Septic Tank Reline Job in Blairstown NJ

Technicians Blowing in Liner

Blairstown NJ – The customer was having issues with their cast iron sewer line going from their house to their septic tank. The line was roughly 65ft long and had numerous areas with cracks and holes in it. The crew used a 4″ transitional flex liner and cured the line using a steaming process. The […]

Clay To Cast Iron CIPP Trenchless Lining in Hazlet, NY

Equipment Setup Inside

Hazlet, NY; Residential Home; Customer has a 100′ line leaving the home that transitions from clay to cast iron, and then back to clay. The line had significant scale buildup, as well as root infiltration in the clay piping; Removed scale and roots, then lined 108 feet, as well as replaced house trap. The job […]

We Saved The 3″ PVC Water Lines at a Popular Fun Park in NY

THE PROBLEM: There were two sections of broken 3″ PVC water line that go to the fountains under the mini golf course at the Latham, NY Fun Park. THE SOLUTION: Two 5ft UV pipe lining patches were installed, and camera-inspected after completion. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE? Job duration was roughly one full day. WHAT […]

We can save your pipes using CIPP technology.


We took a couple before and after pictures of a recent liner job we completed. Look at the difference. You can see from the original (before cipp lining photo) the old host pipe was corroded, rusty and had breaks all up the liner from 18ft to 36ft downstream. This pipe damage was most likely caused […]

Trenchless Brainstorming with the Team

Trenchless Brainstorming with the Team

We are hanging out with a few guys this week, training them and a soon-to-be new crew for this area on our techniques and success plan. 15 liners to get in in 4 days! Let’s get it! Trenchless Today LLC New York to Florida 2” to 48” We have you covered. “Don’t delay call us […]

350 Linar Feet of Pull-In-Place CIPP | Albany, NY

Robert, Brian, Rich, Josh, David & James did a great job on this project! Albany NY. 4 shots totally about 350 ft some UV pull in place some steam cured. Trenchless Today LLC New York to Florida 2” to 48” We have you covered. “Don’t delay call us Today”