Pipe Descaling

Dependable Pipe Descaling in Albany, NY, and Nearby Areas

Calcium, magnesium, and other elements that naturally occur in water settle out and create crystal formations that bond with pipes. These layers of crystals create mineral scale, which also traps grease and other debris. Over time, the mineral scale obstructs the pipe and promotes corrosion. At Trenchless Today, our crew offers pipe descaling in Albany, NY, and the surrounding areas to preserve and protect your pipes.

Pipe descaling services involve the removal of the hard mineral buildup from the inside of drains and pipes. In places with high natural mineral content in the tap water, descaling protects the pipes from damage and preserves their capacity. The descaling process also reduces the risk of clogs, leaks, and other pipe and drain problems.

We offer these and other trenchless services in:

Importance of Pipe Descaling Services

Scale buildup in potable water pipes reduces water flow, which may negatively impact your facility. The scale affects all types of pipes, but it has the worst outcomes on cast iron. Minerals interact with the iron and cause corrosion, and we recommend cast iron pipe descaling on an annual basis to minimize the risk of rust, corrosion, and structural weakening of cast iron pipes.

We offer different sewer and drain pipe descaling processes. Chemical descaling dissolves the minerals, and we follow this with drain and pipe flushing. Electronic descaling disrupts the crystal formation and breaks it apart. We also flush the drains and pipes after this process.

Signs You Need Pipe Descaling

Once you notice any of the following, we recommend drain and sewer line descaling:

  • Slow water flow
  • White scale on faucets
  • Water leaking from pipe joints
  • Unusual drain odors
  • Frequent drain backups
  • Slow drains

Why Hire Our Pipe Experts

Since April 9, 2001, we have served as the expert pipe descaler in Albany and the surrounding areas in  New York. Descaling efficiently and effectively restores full functionality to your pipes. We understand the complexities of commercial drains and pipes, and we stand behind our work. As a locally owned and operated company, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and operate with integrity and professionalism.

Dedicated Team of Trenchless Technology Expert

Pipe Descaling FAQs

The duration needed for descaling depends on the thickness of the buildup. Most descaling services require two to four hours of time.

Yes, mineral scale in your potable water pipes affects its taste, color and smell. Removing the scale enhances the quality of the water.

No, descaling doesn’t require excavating a trench or cutting into walls or floors. Our trenchless company uses a drain or clean-out opening to access the pipe.

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Trenchless Today offers convenient appointment times to remove scale from your drains and pipes. For more information about pipe descaling or the other pipe restoration services offered by our crew, feel free to reach out. You may also schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form.