Cast Iron to Septic Tank Reline Job in Blairstown NJ

Technicians Blowing in Liner

Blairstown NJ – The customer was having issues with their cast iron sewer line going from their house to their septic tank. The line was roughly 65ft long and had numerous areas with cracks and holes in it. The crew used a 4″ transitional flex liner and cured the line using a steaming process. The line was then camera inspected post lining to ensure the liner adhered to the walls of the pipe properly. This job took a day to complete, including mobilization, set up, prep, lining, and breakdown.


Technicians Blowing in Liner
Technicians blowing the liner in from the basement. One tech is watching the pressure gauge while the other is making sure the liner is going into the pipe properly.
Outside During Curing Process
Technician monitoring the air pressure gauge, and other equipment during the steam curing process.
Interior Work Area
Interior shot of where the crew was working out of.
PVC-Cast Transition Before
PVC to cast iron transition within the basement. You can see the heavy scaling build up right where the two pipes meet. It is also slightly offset, and can cause toilet paper to get stuck.
PVC-Cast Transition After
This is the PVC to cast iron transition post lining. You can see there are no more rough edges, and it is a smooth surface.