Cured In Place Pipe Lining

Cured in Place Pipe Lining

We Provide Cured in Place Pipe Lining in Albany, NY, and Nearby Areas

Since April 9, 2001, Trenchless Today has been providing business owners with cost-effective pipe restoration. Over the years, we have expanded our service area and options to include cured in place pipe lining in Albany, NY, and the surrounding areas. This method of trenchless pipe rehabilitation restores damaged pipes and provides 50 years of problem-free use.

As part of our trenchless services, cured-in-place pipe lining requires no excavation or digging. With our advanced technology, we deploy equipment into an existing pipe access point. The equipment pulls a resin-coated felt liner into the host pipe. This liner protects the pipe from damage and restores its strength.

Before and After Trenchless Pipe Restoration

Importance of CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP pipe lining extends the pipe’s lifespan. It prevents leaks and obstructions that cause property damage. The liners protect your investment and the environment surrounding your facility.

Signs You Need CIPP Restoration

If you notice any of the following signs, our certified installers recommend CIPP restoration:

  • Unusually green or soggy areas in lawn
  • Persistent or strong odors from drains
  • Water damage to slab or foundation
  • Slowness or backups from multiple drains
  • Pest or rodent problems
  • Higher than normal water usage

How CIPP Rehabilitation Works

After inspecting and cleaning the host pipe, we insert our trenchless equipment to situate the resin-coated liner within the host pipe. We verify its placement with a camera inspection. After exposing the liner to a curing agent, the host pipe and liner bond and create a strong, long-lasting pipe. The curing process requires a few hours, depending on the liner’s thickness and length. We offer this and other trenchless solutions in:

Why Choose Our Trenchless Company

We serve as the trusted cured-in-place pipe lining certified installer in Albany and the surrounding area. Our combined 40 years of experience ensure that we deliver a successful result every time. The CIPP process minimizes disruption to your property and business operations, allowing you to carry on with your usual activities. We offer an immediate response team for urgent issues, and we complete the work as quickly as possible.

Reliable Trenchless Sewer Repair


CIPP liners last for at least 50 years. This lifespan equals that of a brand-new pipe.

Yes, CIPP rehabilitation prevents new tree root intrusion into your sewer line. The lining process causes no harm to existing trees or other landscaping on your property.

Our trenchless company typically completes the CIPP lining work in one day with a crew of four to six members. Inspectors may arrive on the next day to review our work and sign off on it.

Reach Out to Trenchless Today

For more information about cured-in-place pipe lining or to obtain an estimate for our trenchless pipe restoration services, give Trenchless Today a call. You may also schedule an appointment when you fill out the online form. We also provide: