Kitchen Sewer Line Repaired at JFK Airport in Jamaica, NY

Contractors Repairing Kitchen Sewer Line

JFK Airport – Jamaica. NY. A kitchen within the JFK Airport was having a drain line issue that needed to be remedied. There were a few sections with holes and cracks in it. This was a different job than the crew is used to; it was in a “cleanroom” and the techs had to wear […]

UV Cipp Pipelining Project on Apartment Complex in Albany, NY

Area under the tub after being re-piped with new PVC.

Albany – NY. A large management company in the Capital Region was for a solution to some sewer line issues they were having. The issue took place inside of the many apartment buildings on the property, and it began with a leaking tub drain. One of our Trenchless technicians began a camera inspection from the […]

Cast Iron to Septic Tank Reline Job in Blairstown NJ

Technicians Blowing in Liner

Blairstown NJ – The customer was having issues with their cast iron sewer line going from their house to their septic tank. The line was roughly 65ft long and had numerous areas with cracks and holes in it. The crew used a 4″ transitional flex liner and cured the line using a steaming process. The […]

Saratoga Springs Home Receives 63ft of 4″ Scrim Liner

A residential house located in Saratoga Springs was in need of a trenchless sewer line repair. There was a heavy-scale build-up. and a lot of root intrusion. The original sewer line consisted of cast iron and clay tile. The crew sanded, and fully cleaned the pipe for lining prep. The crew then installed a 63ft […]

Residential sewer line was in need of immediate remediation in Port Jervis, NY

UV lining equipment in basement, after liner was blown in through the clean out.

Port Jervis, NY – A residential sewer line was in need of immediate remediation. There were issues with backups. Once our crew performed a camera inspection, they uncovered numerous sections that needed work. The line begins as 4′ cast iron, and then roughly six feet out it transitions to clay tile. Nearly every clay tile […]